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The Salt Lake Tribune is Utah’s largest-circulation, award-winning, daily newspaper. Readers turn to The Salt Lake Tribune for in-depth and breaking news in Utah. Advertisers turn to The Salt Lake Tribune to reach informed, affluent decision makers across Utah. The Salt Lake Tribune targets adults 18 and older with an annual household income of more than $50,000.

The first edition of The Salt Lake Daily Tribune and Utah Mining Gazette was published in 1871. More than 140 years later, The Salt Lake Tribune editors push their reporters to find “solution” stories — accounts that demonstrate people solving their communities’ problems through cooperation, intelligence and diligence as Utah’s independent voice.


Frequency Printed daily

Tribune Sunday Circulation: 98,232

Tribune Avg Daily Circulation (M-F): 79,998

Tribune Saturday Circulation: 81,262

Tribune & News Combined Sunday Circulation* 233,116

Tribune & News Avg Daily Circulation: 138,196

Tribune and News Combined Saturday Circulation: 143,124

AAM Audit Report 12 mo. ending Sept 20, 2014
*Numbers include Deseret News National Edition

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