Hometown Values

About Us

Hometown Values is a free publication distributed to more than half a million homes amongst 15 different markets ranging from Cache County to Southern Utah County.

Designated market area

Each market zone has its own custom Hometown Values magazine that highlights and holds focus on the local businesses within the subscriber’s designated market area (Smart publication distributed downtown Salt Lake City and Summit County). This featured, hyper-localized outreach opportunity is a significant way to personalize your brand and relationship to consumers closest to your location(s).

Helping businesses grow

Hometown Values has a proven record of helping businesses grow and succeed through targeted, market-driven advertising. Our monthly, direct mail community magazines help consumers save money and help local businesses grow their bottom line. Our monthly, direct mail magazines offer deals on products and services, from dining out to home improvement. Hometown Values consistently delivers results for our advertisers by focusing on what works and having the expertise to implement it effectively.


Frequency Monthly

Circulation Total (Market 1): 547,000

Market 2: Cache Valley 32,296

Market 3: North Weber 43,106

Market 4: South Weber 40,631

Market 5: North Davis 48,850

Market 6: South Davis 36,233

Market 7: Eastside 45,485

Market 8: Oquirrh Mountains 40,267

Market 9: Southwest Valley 51,388

Market 10: Sandy 44,647

Market 11: North Utah 35,900

Market 12: Central Utah 35,663

Market 13: Southern Utah 35,555

Market 14: Salt Lake City 24,580

Market 15: Wasatch Back 15,931

*For market zone circulation information, contact your Hometown Values representative.

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